How to post your jobs on Africa Luxury Hospitality
You are a hotel or hotel group in Africa?
Post your jobs on Africa Luxury Hospitality, the most valuable jobboard on the African continent. Applicants come to consult our job and training offers and care about their careers.

Our main mission:
Facilitate the contact between you, upscale spa, luxury hotel and gourmet restaurant recruiters, and suitable applicants.

Our aim:
Provide talented profiles to hotels, restaurants and spas and to propose jobs in adequation with our applicants wishes.


Here is a list of our tailor-made recruitment support tools and services for our customers.
The whole detailed list is at the bottom of the page.

  • - Post an unlimited number of jobs

  • - Manage these jobs, put online, off-line, modify them, delete them, etc.

  • - Seek and consult our entire profile database

  • - Select the most valuable profiles, write to them, add them to a notebook, etc.


We offer to recruiters a unique formula: The No Limit solution. Thanks to this, recruiters have access to all our services and tools with an easy to use Recruiter Account. Important: a Recruiter Account corresponds to one hotel-customer.

Rate: 95 euros for one month *

Why we offer an unlimited job posting solution ?
We are providing an unlimited job posting in order to make your life easier and save your time and money: once you subscribe, you can use your Recruiter Account as often as you wish, without any surprise nor additional costs.
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* Rates on 1st January 2016


  • Dialog box to chat with users, applicants or recruiters, from Monday to Friday. Our yellow dialog box entitled "Question?" is situated at the bottom right of your screen on every pages. We support users while navigating on our website and we answer questions immediately.

  • Personalized responses to numerous applicants requests by email in order to accompany them in their job search and to advise them.

  • Internal web development at your disposal for any new features, tools or services. Generally, request is fulfilled in less than one hour.


Don't forget to promote your employment brand with our tools included in the No Limit solution

  • Detailed overview of your company, standards and values, commitments and assets for high-quality applicants

  • Logo of your hotel or restaurant and group if appropriate

  • Free announcement of your recruiting days on our website and newsletter sending the information to our applicants


When you post a job:

  • An unlimited number of characters: because you are not just offering a job position but also promoting a core business in an upscale place. You need to detail your ad as well as you can to seduce applicants who might already work for competitors.

  • A link to your career website could be added in the job offer, especially for those who prefer to receive applications through their corporate websites. In one click, you can choose to display your career website only.

  • Important: To ensure that each offer reach the right applicants, one offer should highlight only one job so each offer has the best circulation online and among our networks. We do not publish offers with more than one job or trade. Our No Limit solution allows to recruiters to publish as many jobs as they wish.

After you created your job:

  • Updating your job
    Anytime you need, for example to complete it or correct it.

  • Statistics and figures concerning your jobs
    You can see how many times your ad has been viewed since it has been turned online and during the current week as well. You can also view the number of applications received from our online profiles (we cannot keep track of the replies sent by email / mail…).

  • CV click button
    Each job is associated with a CV click: in one click, you will find the resumes containing the keyword from your job title. You can consult every resume in this list as often as you wish.

  • Complete application forms: with all documents that applicants want to send you or documents you want to receive: CV, diplomas, letter or reference, working visa…

  • Receive your applications
    With a button next to your jobs, you can view the applications you received. You will also receive an email for each application, including the resume in the body or in attached file. This option can be modified for each job offer.

  • Your personalized summary every Monday
    We send you every week a summary email with:
    - a list of your jobs online
    - offers' figures of the week
    - jobs searched by applicants during the past 7 days

    You will thus be informed without having to log in to your Recruiter Account.

  • Turn your offer on/offline
    In our unlimited package, you can turn on- and off-line any offer at anytime. When a job position is filled for example, your can turn it offline and it will remain in your Recruiter Account. By this way, you will be able to turn it online when this job position will be vacant again, without having to create a new offer everytime.

  • And once your subscription ended?
    We know that most of the companies are not recruiting during the whole year, that is why we propose to conserve your Recruiter Account in our data at the end of your subscription. By this way, we will save your information (presentation, logo, job offers, consulted resumes, etc.) and once you need to recruit again, you will find your same Recruiter Account.

    We have a presence on social networks, an asset to promote your brand image or your recruitment.
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    You get access to profiles who are interesting for you. Our database is made of applicants in active search who are looking for new job opportunities in luxury hospitality. We contact them every two months to verify their status and delete every CV not updated within the last 6 months.

    1 - Our database of applicants actively looking for a new step in their career:

    • - Search engine:
      We propose a full access to our search engine with many criteria to select profiles matching your search.
    • - CV click:
      For every recruiter, we propose to find with our "CV click" button all the applicants looking for the job position you offer.

    • - Historic of CVs consulted:
      In your search results, next to the resumes, you can see if you already consulted this resume and when. You can also see all the resumes you have consulted.

    2 - Profiles notebook
    • You can select the profiles you might find interesting and add them to your profiles notebook.

    • You can add notes to each profiles stored in your notebook (for example specify the date of the interview, insert comments, etc.).

    • These profiles will thus be easy to find and can be kept in your notebook for the whole period of your recruitment process.

    3 - Profiles consulted
    • For each profile consulted you find interesting, you can...

      - Contact the applicant to offer a job position

      - Exclude the profile you found not enough interesting. These profiles are placed into an excluded profiles notebook that you can consult at anytime

      - Add the profiles to your profiles notebook.


    You may publish on Africa Luxury Hospitality your upcoming recruiting days: date, logo, etc.

    This ad will be published on the homepage of our Applicants heading and also on their private accounts.

    We do our best to inform the readers about your event.

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